Remediation – soil/groundwater, Phase I, II, III, and vapor intrusion
RHP’s environmental scientists are experienced in the evaluation and remediation of soil, groundwater, and vapor contamination, as well as, site closure and permitting activities.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
· Due Diligence Assessments for Real Estate Transactions
· Regulatory Compliance Assessments
Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
· Characterization of Issues
· Soil and Groundwater Assessment
· Vapor Intrusion Assessments
Phase III Environmental Site Assessments
· Conducting Feasibility Studies to Determine Remediation Strategies
· Operation and Maintenance of Remediation systems
o Soil Vapor Extraction
o Air and Ozone Sparging
o Groundwater Pump and Treat
· Excavation Coordination and Oversight
Site Closure
· Application of California Low Threat Closure Criteria
· Remediation System Decommissioning
· Well Destruction/Abandonment