Senior Associate
Sacramento, CA
O: +1 (916) 913 1298
M: +1 (916) 919 9210

James Harms

Jim Harms has more than 15 years of environment consulting with projects and clients across many states. Mr. Harms assists with industrial hygiene related projects and manages environmental remediation and assessment projects He has conducted exposure assessments, indoor air quality investigations, and regulatory and EHS compliance audits. Mr. Harms has a bachelor of science in Environmental Science from the University of Oregon.

Through his career, Mr. Harms coordinated subcontractors, managed client interactions, conducted client and regulatory meetings, and has supervised site staff. He has conducted Environmental Health and Safety and Environmental Compliance inspections. Mr. Harms has managed a portfolio of large oil and gas company projects and private commercial/industrial cleanup sites with annual budget in the million to 2 million range. Mr. Harms has acted as a site safety officer for multiple projects and has been the technical lead for vapor sampling and the application of the California Low Threat Closure Policy in Northern California. Mr. Harms has supervised underground storage tank removal and sampling at sites in compliance with applicable state regulations while stewarding health and safety compliance. He has coordinated, managed, and conducted quarterly groundwater monitoring at sites throughout Oregon. Mr. Harms conducted fieldwork while managing subcontractors, interacting with clients and property owners, and writing reports.

Jim Harms is experienced with GIS and database integration for efficient figure production. Mr. Harms has provided office technical support for many GIS programs, GIS figure production, database use, and data management. He has trained and supervised other employees and subcontractors on correct sampling methods. He has experience operating and calibrating instrumentation used for air, water, and soil sampling.