Chicago, IL
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Brian Jolly

Brian Jolly has a diverse background with experience as a science educator, soil scientist, and laboratory analyst. He graduated with a B.A. in geology from Hanover College in 2006 and received a M.Ed. from the University of Illinois Chicago in 2010. As an educator, Mr. Jolly taught science at a private elementary school and tutoring facilities on the west side of Chicago. As a soil scientist, he performed field assessments and in-situ analysis of soil samples to inform site remedial actions. As an analyst for 5 years at a market-leading nationwide asbestos laboratory, Mr. Jolly served as a PLM lab manager and analyzed over 60,000 bulk samples of building materials for asbestos. He is well versed in various methodologies for asbestos analysis in building materials and air, including PLM by EPA/600/R-93, NOB, PCM by NIOSH 7400, and TEM AHERA.