Senior Associate
Chicago, IL
T: +1 (773) 867-6013
M: +1 (847) 721-7582

Mitch Pendergrass

Mitch Pendergrass has more than twenty years of environmental consulting experience and project/client management with special emphasis on asbestos, lead-based paint, and microbial assessments along with development of remediation and abatement activities and has also performed general IAQ investigations. He has extensive experience conducting and managing asbestos inspections, microbial investigations, remediation oversight, and lead-based paint inspections in schools, offices, industrial facilities, government buildings, power plants, universities, hospitals, hotels and residences. Mitch recently managed the environmental program for a large national retailer and regional asbestos program for a national retailer.

Mr. Pendergrass holds a B.S. degree in Environmental Science from Florida State University. He is a licensed asbestos air sampling professional (ASP), asbestos project manager and inspector, management planner and lead-based paint inspector in Illinois and asbestos inspector in Indiana and Wisconsin.