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Nate Zoba


Nate Zoba is a paralegal with 8 years of experience in dispute resolution involving toxic tort, premises liability, chemical release, occupational safety and health, product liability actions, consumer protection litigation, and class-action settlement administration. Mr. Zoba holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Illinois Urbana and a MA in Creative Writing from Northwestern University.

As a consultant Mr. Zoba has supported clients and technical professionals nationwide in litigation-related matters in both state and federal jurisdictions through document review and analysis, extraction and presentation of case specific facts and data, file management, historical, medical, and scientific research, and client communication. Mr. Zoba has law firm experience as a member of a multiple national coordinating counsel teams, where he performed legal and historical research, extensive document review, trial preparation, settlement fund management, database management and development, and drafted legal briefs and informational product manuals. He has worked closely with local counsel offices nationwide on all aspects of toxic tort litigation from initial complaint filing through case resolution.