Common OSHA Citations in the Cannabis Industry: Workplace Fire Prevention Plans

Are you a cannabis cultivator, processor, or involved in another part of the legal cannabis industry? Even though the Federal government does not recognize the legality of cannabis, OSHA still has jurisdiction to check cannabis worksites (agricultural, processing, and retail) and cite companies for workplace violations. Is your cannabis business prepared for a visit from OSHA?

Some of the most common citations relate to Workplace Fire Prevention Plans.

A fire prevention plan should address any major hazards within the facility, accumulation of waste material, maintenance of heat-producing equipment and the names and titles of employees responsible for various parts of the prevention plan.

The use of propane and other flammable chemicals during the manufacturing of cannabis-infused products make a fire prevention plan essential. Extraction of hash oil from cannabis requires pouring flammable butane or other explosive solvents into a cannabis-filled pipe. The butane strips tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, then drips down in liquid form and is collected for consumption into cannabis edibles. Propane is highly flammable when it is mixed with the right amount of oxygen.

An often-forgotten danger is the improper storage of the chemicals – which could result in an explosion.

RHP Risk helps our clients access risk in the workplace, especially risk as related to OSHA standards, and mitigate that risk and increase safety. We can help you be prepared for a visit from OSHA and help avoid them altogether by helping you create a safe work environment and protect your workers’ health and safety. If you are interested in RHP Risk Management’s health and safety services related to the cannabis industry, visit: or call Jason Lang, CIH, CSP at (773) 867-6002.