Cover_NAS Legionella

Newly Released National Academies Report Provides Legionella Management Recommendations and Potential Policy Implications

Frank Pagone, PhD


CLM Magazine – November 2019

The Expanding Impact of Wildfires – Remediation Science and Strategies for Affected Properties

Ben Heckman, MPH, CIH

Jason Lang, CIH, CSP

Mold – Myths and Facts About Preventing its Growth in Buildings

Gary Crawford, CIH, FAIHA


CLM Magazine – May 2019

Managing the Unseen Risk – What’s Behind the Increasing Reports of Legionella Outbreaks?

Jacob Persky, MPH, CIH

Frank Pagone, PhD


FAAM, Issue 3 2019

Asbestos, Talc, EMPs: An Evolving Perspective on Mined Minerals or a Paradigm Shift?

Fred Boelter, CIH, PE, BCEE, FAIHA

Jacob Persky, MPH, CIH

Lead in Drinking Water: Should You Be Worried?

Ben Heckman, MPH, CIH