Exposure Sciences

Using our state-of-the-art Exposure Sciences Laboratory (ESL), RHP Risk Management assists our clients in understanding exposure and risk based on sound, defensible, science. RHP’s scientifically accepted and recognized approaches in exposure modeling and quantification, dose response, benchmark dose modeling, and physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling address questions regarding risk profiles of chemicals, identifying safer and sustainable alternatives, enhancing the understanding of risk that leads to better decision making, and implementing risk management measures to effectively and efficiently reduce exposures for workers and consumers.

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Fire Restoration

Once a fire has been extinguished, it is necessary for property owners to take steps in determining the extent of damage and assess the condition of their structure. An initial step following a fire is to contact your insurance company who will assist in the process of evaluating damage and determining coverage.

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Industrial Hygiene

RHP Risk Management’s accomplished team of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), and Public Health Scientists have substantial, wide-ranging experience in regulatory and environmental evaluations and safety solutions for the prevention and control of workplace hazards.

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Occupational Noise Monitoring

RHP’s Certified Industrial Hygienists have experience in performing workplace noise monitoring and mapping to identify high noise areas and processes that could lead to noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) as well as trigger the threshold for an Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) hearing conservation program. RHP’s noise monitoring services can provide solutions to reduce employee noise exposures or to fulfill OSHA compliance.

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Water Management

RHP Risk Management’s certified industrial hygienists, public health scientists, and certified safety professionals have decades experience performing thorough building water system assessments and testing for legionella in commercial buildings, public buildings and industrial sites.

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