RHP’s team of certified industrial hygienists, public health scientists, and certified safety professionals have decades of experience working closely with clients and regulatory agencies in identification, analysis, and management of existing and potential health concerns within the built environment.

Indoor Air Quality Assessments:

• U.S. Green Building Council Indoor Environmental Quality Testing for LEED credits covering both new buildings (BD+C) and existing buildings (O+M).
• Biological Contamination Assessment, Analysis, and Remediation
• Flood Response and Water Damage Remediation Oversight
• HVAC Systems Inspection, Evaluation, and Solutions for Contaminant Control

Hazardous Waste Materials Surveys, Management, Remediation, and Abatement:

• Lead Hazard Risk Assessments, Inspections and Abatement
• Asbestos Inspections, Project Management, and Abatement
• Stored Chemical Assessments

Environmental Health and Safety Audits and Property Condition Assessments:

• Exposure Assessments and Simulations
• Exposure Pathway Analysis and Control Measure Implementation (Legionnaires)
• Work Area Noise and Air Monitoring
• Water Quality Inspections

Development and Presentation of Building Occupant/Employee Training Programs:

• Indoor Air Contaminants
• Hazardous Materials Maintenance

Cover_Post-Fire Structural Damage Assessments and Remediation

Post-Fire Structural Damage Assessments and Remediation