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Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) generally refers to the quality of a building’s environment with respect to the health of its occupants. RHP specializes in IEQ testing in commercial buildings, industrial facilities and residential homes.

Indoor environments have high variability from building to building and may present complex issues, including thermal conditions, air quality, lighting, dampness & even personal hygiene. Maintaining the health of a building’s indoor environment is critical to maintaining the health of its occupants. A healthy indoor environment will support elevated focus, reduce stress and injuries, allowing occupants to conduct their business at maximum capacity. Increased IEQ also supports the value of a building and reduces risk and liability for building ownership and/or management. Some of the more common sources of IEQ may include:

*Dampness & Mold Growth

*Ventilation Performance

*Chemical Exposure  *Airborne Particulate

*Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

*Combustion Byproducts  

*Temperature & Relative Humidity

*Tobacco Smoke & Vaping 

*Ergonomics   *Lighting    *Noise

RHP’s approach to projects varies depending on the nature of the problem. Each project typically requires an interviewing process to gather essential information followed by a walk-through of the space to understand the client’s concerns. Once an understanding of the project objectives is established, RHP is able to conduct the investigation.

RHP utilizes state-of-the-art monitoring and sampling equipment in order to provide the most accurate and defensible data. Following RHP’s investigation, a written report is generated summarizing the findings and recommendations are often provided.

Since 2014, RHP has provided IEQ services to hundreds of clients in many commercial, industrial & residential settings. RHP’s group of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) and Environmental Technicians have decades of combined experience and knowledge to assist clients in navigating simple or complex projects.  

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Post-Fire Structural Damage Assessments and Remediation

Luke Nienhaus, CIH