Using our state of the art Exposure Sciences Laboratory, RHP assists clients in understanding exposure and risk based on sound, defensible, science. For clients, RHP professionals have extensive experience in resolving uncertainty and improving decision making through development of experimentally-derived data which is relevant, reliable, and reproducible.

Current Exposure Measurement and Evaluation:

Analytics and Modeling of Human Health Risks from Testing and Sampling
• Identification of Unknown Risks and Management of Existing Risks
Evaluation of Current Product Composition and Use and Compliance with Product Stewardship Regulations

Historic Exposure Dose Reconstruction:

Development of Mathematical Models Which Characterize Human Inhalation Exposures
Simulation of Historic Product Use and Extrapolation of Measurements in Scenarios Not Readily Measurable
• Evaluation of Historical Workplace, Personnel, and Regulatory Agency Records

Forensic Reconstruction and Current Exposure Research:

• Review of Historical and Current Literature and Regulations
• Data Mining, Big Data Analysis, and Statistical calculations
• Development of Exposure Categories and Job Matrices