RHP works with public school districts, private schools and other learning institutions to provide regulatory required and customized asbestos services. Our team of experienced professionals are able to efficiently guide our school clients through the complexities of asbestos regulations and requirements including the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA).


AHERA regulations require public school districts and non-profit schools to: 

  • Perform an original inspection and re-inspect every 3 years;
  • Develop, maintain, and update an Asbestos Management Plan;
  • Provide Asbestos Management Plan updates to parents, teachers and employee organizations;
  • Perform periodic surveillance of asbestos-containing materials within the building; 
  • Trained personnel must conduct inspections and take response actions;
  • Provide custodial staff with asbestos-awareness training.

RHP teams with administrators, maintenance and contractors to guide schools through all aspects of AHERA requirements including 3-year re-inspections and periodic surveillanceAsbestos Management Plan consulting and maintenance, and asbestos-awareness training.

Project Management

RHP experienced and licensed professionals (project managers (PMs) and asbestos sampling professionals (ASPs) may serve as school’s representative during the asbestos abatement process and will protect the interests and health and safety of school’s students, teachers and staff as well as the greater school community. As the school’s representative, RHP interacts with the asbestos abatement contractor and ensures all local and federal AHERA requirements are followed and documented throughout the projectDetailed sample and observation logs are maintained over the duration of each project and are added into the Asbestos Management Plan. All of RHP’s PMs and ASPs participate in the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s (AIHA) Asbestos Analysts Registry (AAR) which demonstrates each analysts proficiency in analyzing asbestos air samples on site and in RHP’s laboratory.

Asbestos Sampling

RHP’s  Project Managers and ASPs conduct air sampling immediately following the removal of ACMs within the abatement containment area. Clearance air sampling is conducted to ensure fiber concentration within the contained work area meets established regulated standards prior to the containment disassembly and normal re-occupancy. RHP’s clearance service includes a thorough visual assessment of the contained work area to ensure all materials have been adequately removed and the work area is clean and free of debris.

Ambient Air Sampling

Ambient air sampling may be conducted following a disturbance of a known or suspected ACM in an unregulated area (no containment) within a school. Information generated from the ambient air sampling may be used in guiding what steps should be taken that may include cleaning of an impacted space, area isolation and air filtration using HEPA filters for a period of time. RHP professionals are experienced in understanding sampling results and determining the appropriate course of action following an inadvertent disturbance.

For further references and RHP White Papers on the topic, see: rhprisk.com/white-papers

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