RHP’s accomplished team of Certified Industrial Hygienists, Public Health Scientists, and Certified Safety Professionals has substantial, wide-ranging experience in the performance of evaluations for regulatory and environmental as well as health and safety compliance, audits, and surveys for industrial, manufacturing and commercial facilities and real estate.

Federal and State Policy:

Asbestos Regulatory Compliance (EPA AHERA / OSHA)
Hazardous Waste Disposal and Management (CERCLA / RCRA)
• Supervision and Management of Historical and Current Facility Storage
Supervision and Management of Tank Removal and/or Relocation

Best Practices:

Observation of Business Operations and best practices 
• Assessment of Potential Environmental, Health and Safety Risks
Development of Safety and Health and Environmental Policy and Programs 
• Development and Presentation of Employee Compliance Training Programs


• Audits of Safety and Health Programs for Financial (M&A)
• Audits for Business Continuation
• Records and Documentation Review
• Reporting and Prioritization of Potential Risks, Severity and Corrective Actions