Anie Youngberg

Chicago, IL
M: +1 (312) 618-3373

Anie Youngberg, M.S.

Anie Youngberg is an Associate Consultant at RHP Risk Management in Chicago, IL. Anie Youngberg graduated in 2020 from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology and a minor in Photography. In 2021, she received her Master’s degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Environmental Assessment and Planning. Ms. Youngberg has experience with data analysis and interpretation as well as technical support in lab settings with a background and conservation outreach and projects.

As an associate consultant, Ms. Youngberg supports clients, experts and senior technical staff engaged as experts in court systems in both state and federal jurisdictions through document and timeline review, data extraction and analysis, presentation of data, file organization, historical, medical, and scientific research.