Risk Scientist & Engineer
Chicago, IL
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Frederick Boelter, CIH, PE, BCEE, FAIHA

Fred Boelter has over 40 years of experience in industrial hygiene, environmental engineering and risk management. He is a certified industrial hygienist, a licensed professional engineer, and a board certified environmental engineer. His areas of expertise include source-pathway-receptor analysis, risk based assessments and closure plans, air quality management in the built environment and tall buildings, exposure reconstruction, statistical analyses, and modeling. He has investigated and designed controls for a wide range of applications involving air, water, soil, and occupational hygiene from the perspective of stakeholder communities, private industry and federal regulatory agencies. He has provided expert services on a range of matters related to exposure analysis, benefit and cost, and risk assessment. Mr. Boelter is a Fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association and a recipient of the Edward J. Baier Technical Achievement Award and the Henry F. Smyth, Jr. Award. He was trained as an Environmental Engineer at Purdue University.

Mr. Boelter focuses on defining, analyzing, characterizing, assessing, communicating and managing occupational and non-occupational unacceptable risks to human health and the environment; exposure reconstruction and advanced modeling; consulting on environmental (air, water, and soil) and human health issues; evaluating costs and benefits regarding safe conditions (not unacceptable risk); designing and implementing engineering and administrative controls; conducting investigations and control technology research; advising Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) management; and investigating physical structure, building technologies, and designing mitigation methods.

Mr. Boelter has consulted with agencies, industry, unions, and attorneys on the feasibility of implementing control technologies, biological and physical agents, and served as a fact and expert witness. During his career with USDOL-OSHA he conducted general schedule, complaint, and compliance inspections of the regulated communities. Through national and international environmental, safety and health as well as risk assessment professional organizations, Mr. Boelter has presented on and taught professional development courses. Mr. Boelter is recognized and accepted by clients, stakeholders, and state and federal courts as an expert on a wide range of topics.