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The Built Environment is a broad term that covers the physical, human constructed part of our environment where we live and work such as homes, buildings, streets, and open spaces / parks. RHP focuses on the buildings, furnishings, and engineering of these spaces and the health and maintenance of those who live, congregate and work within. The buildings we work with include commercial real estate, manufacturing, food industry, health care, hospitality and multi-family residential buildings.

For the multiple uses of built structures there are varied levels of harmonizing the structure and engineering with the human use, for example, hotels often have fluctuating occupancy and use that can impact the health and comfort requirements of building maintenance and infrastructure.

The sensitive nature of occupants in health care facilities drives a need for monitoring and validation of indoor air quality and cleanliness procedures & processes to prevent infection and outbreak risk. RHP has experience in managing and adapting to the diverse issues building owners, managers, and facility maintenance encounter to evaluate, anticipate potential risks of health and liability.

RHP’s expert team of certified industrial hygienists, public health scientists, and certified safety professionals carry decades of experience working closely with clients and regulatory agencies in identification, analysis, and management of existing and potential health concerns with the built environment.

Areas of Experience

Asbestos – Inspections, sampling, clearance, and onsite PCM analysis.

Indoor Air Quality – HVAC systems evaluation and solutions, biologic contamination assessment, analysis & remediation, flood and water infiltration response and remediation.

Hazardous Waste Materials – Surveys, management, remediation, and abatement of lead, asbestos, PCB, mercury. Management and assessment of stored chemicals onsite.

Legionella Management / Legionellosis Prevention – Outbreak response, inspection, identification, analysis, control and engineering and administrative measures to eradicate and prevent.

Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety – Audits and property condition assessments and simulations, water quality inspection, noise evaluations and control, ergonomic design.

Training Programs – Development and presentation of customized Building Occupant / Maintenance / Employee training in person or online covering expertise noted above.

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