Common OSHA Citations in the Cannabis Industry

Are you a cannabis cultivator, processor, or involved in another part of the legal cannabis industry? Even though the Federal government does not recognize the legality of cannabis, OSHA still has jurisdiction to check cannabis work sites (agricultural, processing, and retail) and cite companies for workplace violations. Is your cannabis business prepared for a visit from OSHA? 

Since California became the first state to legalize medical cannabis in 1996 (Proposition 215), cannabis industry-related businesses have lost millions of dollars due to OSHA violations. Some of the most common violations relate to:  

  • Workplace Hazard Communication Plans
  • Employee Hazard Material Training  
  • Employee Personal Protection Equipment 
  • Workplace Fire Prevention Plans  
  • OSHA Form 300 & 301  

OSHA violations can result in fines, including criminal fines, disruption of business, and revenue and time loss.  By having a safe work environment, you can avoid these violations and other risks that could negatively impact your business. RHP Risk can help you provide a safe work environment that is compliant with OSHA standards. We can help you and your employees to foster a work environment that is safe, productive, and at less risk for an OSHA violation or workplace injuries 

In future blog posts, we will discuss these common OSHA violations in more detail and how RHP Risk can help you avoid them and keep your employees safe. If you are interested in RHP Risk Management’s health and safety services related to the cannabis industry, visit: or call Jason Lang, CIH, CSP at (773) 867-6002.