Unique aspects of the built environment common to hotels, such as seasonal demand and periodic occupancy, can impact occupant health and comfort or affect aspects of building maintenance and infrastructure. The sensitive nature of the occupants in health care facilities drives a need for monitoring and validation of indoor air quality and cleanliness procedures & processes to prevent infection and outbreak risk. RHP has experience in discretely managing issues such as microbial investigation and remediation, Legionella evaluation and control, and building forensics.

Hazardous Building Materials Surveys, Management, Remediation, and Abatement:

Lead Hazard Risk Assessments, Inspections and Abatement
Asbestos Inspections, Project Management, and Abatement 
• Stored Chemical Assessments (Pools, Saunas)

Legionella Management / Legionellosis Prevention:

• Compliance assistance with ASHRAE 188-2015
• Risk management / disease prevention
• Legionellosis outbreak response
• Crisis management, emergency system disinfection

Indoor Air Quality Assessments:

Biological Contamination Assessment, Analysis, and Remediation
• Flood Response and Water Damage Remediation
HVAC Systems Inspection, Evaluation, and Solutions for Contaminant Control