RHP Risk Management Inc. Welcomes Toxicologist Ashish Jachak, Ph.D.

Ashish Jachak, Ph.D.

RHP Risk Management Inc. Welcomes Toxicologist Ashish Jachak, Ph.D. as Newest Principal

CHICAGO, IL: RHP Risk Management Inc., an Occupational Safety and Health consulting firm based in Chicago, IL, with locations in Pennsylvania, California and Tennessee, is pleased to announce the hiring of Ashish Jachak, Ph.D. as Principal of the firm. Dr. Jachak will lead efforts to expand RHP’s existing exposure science services with the addition of expertise in toxicology and conducting consumer goods product safety assessments.

Dr. Jachak has over 15 years of experience in exposure science, risk assessment and management, consumer and product safety, and aerosol science. He has extensive experience in leading and managing cross functional teams using risk management systems and modeling to guide and optimize product development for consumer goods from research and development to scale up, registration, and manufacturing. Dr. Jachak has assessed the application feasibility of exposure and toxicology models to solve complex problems in risk sciences and provide sound and unbiased solutions. He has collaborated and led integrated teams in toxicology, exposure sciences, industrial hygiene, environmental sciences, product stewardship, regulatory affairs, R&D and manufacturing to provide scientifically sound solutions for substances including oxygenated solvents, polymers and plastics, glycol ethers, nanomaterials, fibers, aerosols, Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol, Propylene Oxide/Propylene Glycol, and Polyethylene Glycol in downstream uses in consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, agricultural applications, electronics, and construction. In recent roles, he has been integral in the review of science based regulatory frameworks using partnerships with internal and external stakeholders to direct legislative actions based on scientifically sound and defensible exposure science, fate and transport, and hazard data.

Dr. Jachak received his bachelor’s in chemical engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology, Masters from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and Doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University – Bloomberg School of Public Health. His doctoral work involved modeling the migration, fate and transport of nanomaterials in the human lung and investigation of the biophysical interactions between cells of the human airways and nanomaterials. Through a post-doctoral tenure at Brown University, Dr. Jachak performed quantitative modeling of the interactions between graphene-based nanomaterials and human lung and designed the synthesis of novel drug carriers for pharmaceutical applications. His interests in the field of computational fluid dynamics include applications ranging from transport and deposition of aerosols in the human lung to the optimization of filtration systems to reduce aerosol contaminants. More recently, he has completed an MBA at the Imperial College – London and seeks to apply his business acumen in developing safe and sustainable solutions for the chemicals, petrochemicals, and consumer goods companies by guiding R&D, manufacturing and stakeholders in accomplishing strategic objectives.

Additional info about RHP Risk Management’s exposure modeling, laboratory and field-based quantification of exposures, and toxicology to assess potential risks to human health and the environment, visit rhprisk.com/toxicology or call (866) 481-8188.

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